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Rescue Immersion Suit made of 4-layers breathable fabric, with a total weight of 215g/m2. Recommended to all kinds of Rescue teams and Public Safety Units. This drysuit is equipped with all the features you need, including a SANTI Smart Seals System (flexible dry glove system), a relief-covered zipper, telescopic torso and reflective tape inscription.


  • fabric: 4-layers breathable fabric 215g/m2.

In standard equipped with:

  • plastic zip covered by an additional flap,
  • front relief zipper,
  • without external logos,
  • neck seal made of Latex,
  • built-in hood,
  • Santi Smart Seals,
  • pockets on legs and arm,
  • Neoprene socks,
  • inside suspenders with handy pocket,
  • reflective tapes and inscription,
  • splash-proof bag.

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