Santi heated sleeping bag

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Santi heated body bag is designed to fulfill military and rescue demands of the market. The usage of heating wires allows for bulk reduction while carrying and unprecedented performance in body temperature regulation when needed. The heating system inserted in the bag construction can be powered by external Li-Ion accumulators or any other external power source that does not exceed 12V and power capacity of 10 A. The bag itself is made of light and breathable Primaloft Silver Series innovative insulation fabric with exquisite thermal protection functionality covered by water and cut resistant Polyester shell fabric. The lower part of the bag is additionally protected with Cordura layer that prevents from moist, cuts and dirt. The inner heating wires, protected by silicone outer cover are evenly distributed to allow heating of full body length. All used materials and construction provide high safety, thermal isolation and protection against chill even when the heating system is not active. The body bag is additionally equipped in an inner fleece hood in the head compartment. The bag is closed with two long, 2-way, water repellent zippers with 4 pullers that allow for best comfort when closing the bag. At each side of protective outside Cordura cover there are molle panel loops for mounting different pockets systems needed in different circumstances and conditions including mounting external power batteries or other equipment.

The body bag is available in M, L and XL size depending on body measurements.

Technical informations:

  • new generation of heating wire covered with ultra-soft, silicone isolation resistant to breaking, innovative, synthetic power cable resistant to high temperatures and cuts,
  • heating power 120W,
  • maximal approved voltage 12V DC,
  • heating time with one 24Ah accumulator : app. 2h 30min, with 2 accumulators (48Ah): app. 5h,
  • Primaloft Silver Series insulation with great thermal and breathability, water resistant outer shell,
  • inner fleece hood,
  • 2 way zippers with 4 pullers from each side,
  • evenly distributed heating system wires that cover full body length,
  • external power source allowing for limitless heating time if needed. Heating plugs from both sides of the bag,
  • safety device allowing for providing power from two accumulators at the same time.


Set includes:

  • outer waterproof and windproof shell bag protecting from moist, and dirt made of trilaminate, zipped with 2 YKK professional, water repellent zippers,
  • inner main body bag with head compartment including specially designed heating system inside,
  • special outer water proof bag.

Power supply:

  • Two Santi 24Ah batteries in special side pocket compartments.