Santi battery 24AH

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SANTI 24Ah battery is based on modern Li-Ion cells, with high discharge current. The battery is designed to supply power to SANTI heated apparel (undersuit, vest, gloves). It may also be used as power source for flashlights.

Total power of connected devices cannot exceed 200W. Those devices must be designed to be powered with 10.8-12V input.

Estimated operating time for power supply of individual components:

  • heated undersuit (110W): 2h30min ~ 3h
  • heated vest (55W): 5h ~ 6h
  • heated gloves (36W): 9h ~ 10h
  • undersuit with gloves: 2h ~ 2h15min
  • vest with gloves: 3h15min ~ 3h45min

The battery is equipped with a number of safety features to protect against overdischarge, overcharge, overload and short circuit. On the enclosure there is E/O cord connector, piezo switch and overpressure valve. There is also a belt loop (no need for clamps) on the side of the housing.
One touch is enough to turn the battery on, which is indicated by built-in blue LED on the E/O cord connector. After each switch-on power status is presented.

Battery charge indicator:

Number of flashes emitted by blue LED indicates the battery charge level.

  • 3 LED flashes stand for 60%-100%
  • 2 LED flashes stand for 30-60%
  • 1 LED flash stands for < 30%
  • No LED light – fully discharged

After power level check the battery resumes standard mode, what is indicated by constant LED light.

Technical parameters:

  • capacity: 24 Ah,
  • operating voltage: 11,1 V,
  • cells type: Li-Ion,
  • height: 270 mm,
  • diameter: 74 mm,
  • milled space for silicone band placement,
  • E/O cord length: 60cm,
  • housing material: polyacetal / POM / Delrin®,
  • charging time: 14h,
  • max depth of use: 100m,
  • weight: 1,8kg.