Santi heated undersuit Flex 2.0

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SANTI Heated Undersuit Flex 2.0 is designed as part of complex SANTI Heating System which consists of such items as heated undersuit or heated vest, SANTI Thermovalve or SANTI Connector and external battery. This configuration allows a diver to use the heating system without any dangers of using the internal battery.

SANTI Heated Undersuit Flex 2.0 has the same inner heating technology as in BZ400 heated model, this undersuit is light and flexible, which increases divers comfort under a drysuit. Made of high quality 180g / m2 Climashield Contur fabric with additional insulation of the chest with a double layer of insulation, provides full flexibility of the material on every level which translates into exceptional mobility and smaller volume compared to our model made of Thinsulate insulation. The undersuit contains very efficient heating wires that provide optimal thermal comfort during long and cold dives. In this configuration, most of the generated heat is passed on directly on the diver’s body.

It is advised to wear the undersuit on top of thin thermal or wool base underwear. Lighter version of the undersuit thanks to new, non-quilted fabric quality provides more warmth towards the body. This generates better thermal feeling and causes heat retention on the body for longer. The Undersuit should not be worn directly on naked skin due to safety and hygienic reasons.

Available sizes: XS, S, SL, M, ML, MLL, LS, L, LL, LLL, XLS, XL, XLL, XXLS, XXL, XXXL


  • maximum heating temperature 45°C,
  • maximum heating power: 110 W,
  • works with the following batteries:
  • 24Ah battery: 2h30min ~ 3h of heating,
  • works only with the batteries of maximum voltage of 12V,
  • safety switch preventing from overheating and too strong current,
  • Climashield Contour 180g/m2 thermal insulation
  • made of fully breathable materials,
  • keeps you warm even when heating is switched off,
  • regularly distributed heating wiring that allows you a free movement,
  • warms up the whole torso, thighs and arms,
  • extra pocket for the wire ends,
  • waterproof plug, compatible with other SANTI products, flexible and overheating resistant wires,
  • additional wires integrated to plug in the heating gloves in standard,
  • p-valve hose openings on both sides,
  • two sides pockets,
  • water-resistant cuffs,
  • tapes, which supply air to the dry gloves,
  • two-way zip,
  • elastic waistband.

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