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Drysuit inflation valve with integrated 12V connector.

  • Available with APEKS or SI-TECH screw size,
  • moveable head equipped with medium pressure connector,
  • moveable head provides freedom in optimal and convenient arrangement of the E/O cord and the hose,
  • made of two electrical connectors on opposite sides of the cable – used to connect with the battery adapted to underwater usage; and watertight connector to connect SANTI Heating System, exclusively,
  • works with power supply no higher than 12V,
  • total length of the cable including plugs – approx. 55cm,
  • the set include a two piece nut.

Valve placement:

The inflation valve should be fitted on the chest area, where it can be easily reached. The place of fitting the valve needs to be of the right size and the rubber backing patch should be bonded to the outside of the drysuit with a suitable adhesive. When positioning the valve try to ensure that it is not covered by other pieces of diving equipment, affecting access to the valve.

Hose connection:

To mount the medium pressure hose to the end of the SANTI Thermovalve pull down the ring of the hose and slide it onto the end of the SANTI Thermovalve.

Valve operation:

Before each dive it is advisable to check the tightness of the drysuit valves to ensure leak free diving. You cannot dive with too much weight. Choose a safe, shallow place to test your buoyancy. Once in the water, on the surface blow sufficient air into your drysuit by pressing the button on the drysuit inflation valve to provide strong positive buoyancy.

Care And Maintenance:

SANTI Thermovalve works as a regular valve. Also, it allows for collision-free connection of the inner layers of diving gear (vest or undersuit) by means of properly integrated wiring which can be powered by the batteries up to 12V outside the drysuit.