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SmartSeals system allows quick and very easy seals exchange, without the need of special tools or spare parts, except a new wrist seal of your choice at any moment. This system replaces the standard wrist seals attachment in drysuit cuffs.

It is made of resistant and flexible materials. It is flexible and soft at the same time to avoid standard stiffness provided by other rings systems. It makes it very comfortable and hardly noticeable while diving.

SmartSeals system works with any type of wrist seals available on the market- latex or silicone. There is no need for specially designed or dedicated seals – it is up to you which seals you prefer.

It is secured with an additional rubber cover from the top of the sleeve which protects the seal against damage. It also gives an additional clean and elegant look to the sleeves of a drysuit.

SmartSeals system gives the possibility of installing rubber dry gloves instead of wrist seals. It should be considered that the gloves will be permanently attached to the drysuit in such case.

Complete SmartSeals system includes the following items :

  • a rubber, soft cuff ring with additional seal cover apron glued into the cuff of a dry suit,
  • a chosen wrist seal,
  • a Soft, inner seal – blocking ring.