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The Hazmat Commercial Drysuit is designed with the professional commercial diver in mind. This suit is a contaminated water drysuit equipped with a yoke for use with a diving helmet.

Using the latest in chemical and abrasion resistant materials as well as advanced construction techniques the Hazmat drysuit offers the user 2 layers of both water and chemical protection. All seams are reinforced, stitched, then heat sealed at over 600°c both inside and out making for an extremely durable and “dry” suit. This construction results in a smooth interior and exterior surface which allows for very easy decontamination of most chemicals.


  • Chemical resistant Polyurethane inside and out
  • Interior and exterior tape welded seams
  • Tear and puncture resistant nylon core
  • Heavy duty attached poly boot
  • Permanently attached round SLT dry glove rings with replaceable Polytex Pro wrist seals.
  • Apeks contaminated water dual exhaust valve & standard inlet inflation valve
  • Suit comes with choice of attached helmet yoke:
    • Gorski
    • Kirby Morgan SL17B, SL17K, SL27, KM37, KM47,KM57, KM77, KM37SS, KM97
    • Miller
    • Desco Airhat
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate inside and out
  • Includes internal suspenders, inflator hose, Hazmat patch kit and a drysuit bag