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E.Space drysuit is made of moderately light and extremely durable yet flexible fabric trilaminate of Nylon/Butylene/Polyester.
It is cut in a way that makes it easy to adjust to any figure and does not limit movements in any direction.

Classic, ergonomic Y-cut with minimal areas of stitching allows for great freedom of movements underwater. Spacy construction leaves great comfort even with thickest undersuit or heating apparel. E.Space drysuit is recommended for intense, cave and wreck technical diving.
It is suitable for underwater works and public safety apparel.


  • total weight: 4 kg,
  • fabric: Nylon/Butylene/Polyester 440g/m2.

In standard equipped with:

  • aqua seal plastic zipper covered with a flap,
  • telescopic torso,
  • 7/9 mm Neoprene collar hood,
  • neck seal made of latex insulated by 2 mm Neoprene,
  • Apeks valve,
  • high-profile Apeks outlet valve,
  • latex wrist seals,
  • 2 pockets on thighs with D-rings (right pocket with a partition for wet notes and two smaller metal D-rings),
  • internal suspenders with handy pocket,
  • 6mm Neoprene boots,
  • medium pressure hose 75cm long,
  • classic drysuit travel bag.

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