Aqualung Kodiak 360 SAR drysuit

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Featuring full wrap Captive Suspension Flex panels at the waist and thighs, the 360° is all about maximum mobility and comfort. Perfect for SAR teams that require drysuits that fit a wide range of divers with optimal mobility.


  • Patented Captive Suspension Panel around waist and knees for flexibility
  • Tough Quadflex nylon
  • 2 pocket Matrix Base Plates & 1 Compak Pocket
  • Polytex neckseal and bell shaped wrist seals
  • Air control knee pads
  • Reflective Armband included (please specify “SAR” or “RESCUE”)
  • Supplied with Multi-Laminate Shell Socks that match perfectly with EVO boots.
  • Includes Internal Suspenders, Inflator Hose, and drysuit bag.
  • Sizes: S, SK, M, MK, L, LK, XL, XLK, 2XL, 3XL