Aqualung combinaison étanche Hazmat de sécurité publique

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The Aqua Lung Hazmat Public Safety Drysuit is designed with the professional Public Safety diver in mind. Countless Fire Dept.’s, Sheriff’s Dept.’s and rescue teams have been using the Aqua Lung Hazmat for years. This suit has been designed with this diver in mind; the most popular features & options have become standard to meet the Public Safety diver’s needs.

Using the latest in chemical and abrasion resistant materials as well as advanced construction techniques the Aqua Lung Hazmat Public Safety Drysuit offers the user 2 layers of both water and chemical protection. All seams are reinforced, stitched, then heat sealed at over 600°c both inside and out making for an extremely durable and “dry” suit. This construction results in a smooth interior and exterior surface which allows for very easy decontamination of most chemicals.


  • Chemical resistant polyurethane inside and out
  • Interior and exterior tape welded seams
  • Tear and puncture resistant nylon core
  • Comfort boots with 7mm neoprene liner
  • Permanently attached dry glove rings with replaceable Polytex wrist seals
  • Apeks Contaminated water dual exhaust valve & standard inlet inflation valve
  • Polytex hood / neckseal combo with SLT neck system standard
  • Easy to clean and decontaminate inside and out
  • Includes hood liner, suspenders, inflator hose, repair kit, and a drysuit bag
  • Sizes Available: XS, S, SK, M, MT, MK, L, LT, LK, XL, XLK, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL