SEACRAFT Future BX 1500 Underwater Scooter

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The SEACRAFT GHOST BX 2000 underwater scooter is a model for professionals, who need a high level of technical expertise such as: special forces, rescue services or difficult explorations. The selected components of the GHOST model allow very high efficiency, exceptional power, and phenomenal maneuverability coupled with unparalleled ease of use.

This is thanks to such a high level of efficiency as this underwater scooter as well as its innovative technology, thus allowing easy access at high speeds and depth.

It includes as standard a 2000Wh battery which can reach up to 26km with a range of 9h. The maximum depth is 200m, tested at 300m.

The patented motor technology of the SEACRAFT GHOST BX2000 will allow the diver to operate directly in the water. Thus the transmission shaft is eliminated as are the seals, thus eliminating the risk of the engine drowning.

The weight of this underwater scooter is 23kg in air. Its battery reaches 90% of its charge in less than 6 hours.

This scooter can also be fitted with accessories such as an electronic navigation console, carrying handles, lighting, etc.