SEACRAFT Future BX 1000 Underwater Scooter

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The SEACRAFT FUTURE BX1000 underwater scooter is the basic model of the SEACRAFT brand. This model has a 1000W battery, which will allow the diver to have prolonged use of the power of the scooter, so you will be able to perform about 2 to 4 dives without charging the battery. It is an ideal model for recreational and technical diving thanks to its waterproofness which can go to a depth of 150 m.

It is the world’s first scuba scooter in which the motor runs directly in the water. Thanks to designed and patented technologies, which thus allow the complete elimination of the driveshaft and the obligation of expensive and less reliable seals used in similar designs. These new technologies make this scooter durable, its efficiency higher and then prevent the risk of engine drowning.