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SANTI heated vest is made for those who look for the best comfort during long or cold dives. The vest designed to provide maximum functionality and safety. Keeps you warm and comfortable while heating even when the batteries are low or completely drained.


  • Safety switch preventing from overheating and too strong current
  • Maximum heating temperature 45°C
  • Maximum heating power: 55W
  • Run time: SANTI battery 6Ah / 1h 20min – 1h 30min of heating, SANTI battery 24Ah / 5 – 6h of heating
  • Made of BZ200 (210g/m2) Thinsulate Insulation
  • New generation of heating wire covered with ultra-soft, silicone isolation resistant to breaking
  • Innovative, synthetic power cable resistant to high temperatures and cuts
  • New, more ergonomic nesting and wire layout inside
  • Special vest bag included
  • CE certified

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