Aqualung Matrix plates & pockets system

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Only for Legacy suits. NOT for Fusion. This innovative base-plate is a standard feature on most drysuits we carry. The design allows for multiple pocket configurations to the thigh of your drysuit. Pockets can be added, changed or removed with little effort and time.

The Pocket Matrix is a strong-point that allows you to add a myriad of pocket options and accessories, making your suit that much more versatile. Fibreglass reinforced vinyl for durability. Stainless steel grommet for additional attachment

Features for the cargo pocket for matrix base plate system:

  • Single wrap around zipper to expand pocket capacity
  • Separate zipper for easy access
  • Inner D-Ring
  • The largest volume pocket

Features for the compak pocket for matrix base plate system:

  • Low profile
  • Single top Velcro enclosure
  • Inner D-Ring
  • Pleated for additional space