Booster MPS C2X 2021 230 Bar (Ex-Expedition)

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The MPS Booster is ideal for sport diving, particularly recommended for CCR divers. Thanks to its high performance, reliability and safety, it can also be used for larger cylinders and small groups of divers.

Features of the MPS C2X 2021 230 Bar (Ex-Expedition) :

  • booster Filling of a 3L block from 100b to 220b in 3min20 from an oxygen cylinder at 100b, (maximum speed to be respected as a user, the standard inflation or balancing speed through the booster at 5b / minute).
  • Maintenance once a year.
  • Robustness and reliability.
  • Operator protection.
  • Hoses in double steel braid including an internal teflon coating guaranteeing oxygen compatibility and the absence of deposit on the lyre.